#tuesdaytip – Content Mashup

Sharing a broad selection of the content created for our clients dated 9/5/17. 5 Wild Hairs #hottiptuesday #tuesday Tip Hot Oil Treatmens Where to get hot oil treatments in Thousand Oaks CACurry n Pepper Ayurveda for dogs Healthy living for dogs Moong beans are they good for dogs?Bliss Veils Handcrafted artesian wedding veils buy wedding veils online where to buy wedding veils buy wedding veils on etsyShe She Koi Studios Social Media Mananger Chere Goldberg Tips for Social Media ManangersFlashes of Fire Chase Hart Ed Lipsman ebook science fiction fantasy medieval fantasy ebook recommendationsWealthzoo Jeff titak Chicago Find a financial advisor in chicago I need a virtual financial advisor Money manangement budget 401KBliss Veils Handmade Wedding Veils Shop Etsy Shop Etsy for Bridal veils Where to buy bridal veils online?5 Wild Hairs Thousand Oaks CA Eyebrow Threading Eyebrown Tinting Waxing Brazilian Wax Henna Tatto Hari Cut Hair Style Hair ColorFit Revenge PCOS Awareness5 Wild Hairs Thousand Oaks Ca Where to get my hair cut in Thousand Oaks Need a new hair style in thousand oaks ca Looking for a new stylist in Thousand Oaks CA


Monday’s are always a great day to begin the week with some motivation.  As cliche as some may think these are, they go a long way with your followers.  An example of yesterday’s motivational graphics that were created for my clients.1502162790189-ModernMysticsCoachTracyJamesLifeStyleCoachVirtualLifestyleCoach5 wild hairs eyebrow threading in thousand oaks where can i get my eyebrows threaded in thousand oaks?Curry n Pepper Ayurveda for Dogs Healthy lifestyle for dogs Are there healthy ways I can help my pet with allergies how to manage dogs with illnessesBliss Veils Shop Wedding Veils on Etsy Shop Wedding Veils online Where can I buy a wedding veil online?She She Kicks Motivational Monday Buy cool and unique kicks onlineChere Goldberg The Fashion Exchange Project Where is a good place to shop online for rocker chicks Shop Cool clothes online What's new for shopping onlineDavian Clarke Tax and Homes Buy Commercial Notes Buy Residential Notes Sell Commercial Notes Buy Commercial NotesFamily Furt Funding Motivational Mondays Davian Clarke Looking to buy a home in New Jersey First time home buyer programs in new jerseywealthzoo jeff titak financial advisors where to find a financial advisor in chicago?Flashes of Fire Ed Lipsman Looking for a new book recommendation motivational mondays suggest a science fiction book i can buy on amazon buy an ebook on amazonFit Revenge Patricia Nealy Live a Healther Life style Nutrition Lose Weightbe make up make up artist where to find a make up artist in brussels getting married in brussles getting married in belgium

Client feedback – Wealthzoo

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 11.47.34

It’s always a nice feeling when you get positive feedback from your clients over the graphics and content you prepare for them! Thank you @jefftitak @wealthzoo for the positive feedback and compliment. This is what we love to do and hearing this so such a great reward for all the hard work. We love working with you as well and look forward to growing with you!

Actual graphic here:

Wealthzoo Jeff Titak Financial advisors in Chicago IL Find a Fiduciary Financial Advisor

Saturday Shout Out – Wealthzoo

Saturday Shout out to our client Wealthzoo our financial planning guru’s who assist those who have no clue about investing by pairing them up with the right financial planners to suit their needs. This is part of their current content showing up on their Saturday feeds – 10 Secrets of Millionaires. Wanna check out more of them? See the on Facebook @Wealthzoo.

Like the content we are building for them? Yeah we can do that for you too – call us! 781-364-5806

Wealth Zoo 10 secrets of millionaires Chicago Illinois

Saturday Shout Out – 5 Wild Hairs

Saturday Shout out to our client 5 Wild Hairs & Threading Salon located in Thousand Oaks CA!   Specializing in eyebrow threading and tinting, hair styling, waxing and henna, this is part of their current content showcasing their Master Stylist Isabel Navarro!  Check them out at http://www.5wildhairs.com

Like the content we are building for them?  Yeah we can do that for you too – call us!  781-364-5806

5 Wild Hairs Hair Stylist Isabel Navarro Thousand Oaks CA5 Wild Hairs Thousand Oaks CA Hair Stylists 1

Plug and Brag – Tax and Homes

Tax and Homes million dollar nest egg New York Florida New Jersey

Tax and Homes is our client located in New Jersey that specializes in commercial loans, and the selling of commercial notes.  As part of their content it’s important for them to not just sell their services, but also genuinely share advice with their followers.  This is the beginning of an 11 week campaign sharing tips for a 1 Million Dollar retirement nest egg.  Too many people feel if they aren’t rich they can’t be millionaires and this is furthest from the truth.  Our goal here is to gain followers with this campaign through likes and shares as well as build engagement and click throughs.

Time for a plug and brag – Ed Lipsman’s Flashes of Fire

Sit back and get your tan on in multiple dimensions here: http://buff.ly/2rvhgDw.

Wanna book She She Koi to do your social media marketing? See the many fun ways to contact us here: http://buff.ly/2rvV1NE

Ed Lipsman Sci Fi Fantasy Amazon Beach Read

Shameless Plug and Content Brag

Our client 5 Wild Hairs can put your brows on fleek with their eyebrow tinting and threading.  Check them out if you are in Thousand Oaks CA:  www.5wildhairs.com

Speaking of fleek, check out the content that we created for them is.  Like it?  Want fleek, contact us:  www.sheshekoisocialmediaandvirtualmanagement.com

5 wild hairs eyebrow threading and tinting thousand oaks ca5 wild hairs 2 brow threading and tinting thousand oaks CA5 wild hairs 2 brow threading and tinting thousand oaks CA5 wild hairs eyebrow threading and tinting thousand oaks ca

Time for a plug and brag – Ed Lipsman’s Flashes of Fire

After you check out our awesome content, here’s your great excuse to grab our client Ed Lipsman book Flashes of Fire:  http://buff.ly/2qsNuLB

Ed Lipsman Flashes of Fire Amazon

Shameless Plug and Content Brag – 5 Wild Hairs & Threading Salon

💋 It’s that time of day to showcase some of our work and give a shout for our clients.

5 Wild Hairs & Threading Salon located in Thousand Oaks, CA not only specializes in eyebrow threading, hair styling, and waxing, but they include henna tattoo’s in their services too!  Friday’s are our day to give some love and focus on that specific service and today is no exception…..well except it’s Memorial Day weekend and what better time to pay homage to the brothers and sisters that dedicated their lives to our freedom, then getting some designs in their honor.

You know, our She She Koi logo would look pretty darn sweet all henna’d out.  Hmmmmmm.  If only we were just a bit closer to CA!  💕


Henna 5 Wild Hairs Thousand Oaks CAHenna Tattoo 5 Wild Hairs Thousand Oaks CA 1