There are no Limits!

January is going to be over in just 4 short days!!  I can’t believe how fast time flies, and honestly, I don’t care!  Too many people start off the year with a bang, only to look at the end of the first month and beat themselves up if there were not enough achievements.  Trust me, I tend to fall in that range, and work hard (every day) to get out of that mindset.  I won’t call it being an overachiever.  Not in the least bit.  But, I do wear a lot of hats (Entrepreneur, Mommy, Caretaker for my elderly mom) and admittingly, I strive to do everything.  Until my friend sat with me this past Friday night and honestly (thank god) said: “girl, you are not super mom, if you try to do everything for everyone every day, you will not sustain”.  And she is 100% right!

So, for me it’s no big deal, I’ve promised myself to not measure myself in time, but accept the inevitable setbacks, manage my attitude going in, thru and out, and how I remind myself to adjust, reset and move on without considering myself a failure.  No, not a perfectionist at all, but I am hard on myself, and get frustrated when things aren’t right or I see my efforts don’t make people happy.

So today as I was reflecting, visualizing and manifesting, I found this inspiring quote from Micheal Phelps:

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So how will I positively look at this?

There will be obstacles:  Yup!  It’s true, on a daily basis!  So let’s break it down,  I’m a business owner, a single mom of a 7-year-old, and a caretaker of an 82-year-old queen (my top priorities right now), and those obstacles hit me head on all day👏 long! But how I manage it, will make a difference.  I need to learn to delegate, not get frustrated and accept that sometimes, things just 👏 won’t 👏 happen 👏today.  Easy right? It should be, but really my biggest obstacle!

There will be doubters:  absolutely!  Sadly, and I don’t even feel bad admitting this, most, no wait, all of my doubters are B-L-O-O-D related!  The hurt is even more.  Especially when in the past despite their own faults, negativity and anger I was there.  Because we are related.  But, what’s more important is how I receive it and react.  Again, that great friend I mentioned earlier also gave me this solid as hell advise.  So this week going forward, I promise myself, I’ll let the haters say what they have to say.  I don’t need to hear it or let it consume me.  They have a right to their opinion, but I don’t need to receive the negativity or even care what they think.

There will be mistakes:  OK,  well I trip over the air between my feet.  LOL!  Yeah, it’s true.  My best of friends watch it on a daily basis and I make sure to laugh.  But where I’m tough on myself is when I do make mistakes.  I tend to take on guilt rather than just accepting I fucked something up, so I just need to reset and reboot.  So this week, I’ll remind myself to laugh, stop being so critical on myself and move on.  I’m not perfect, and trust me I am good about getting on people’s nerves.  Especially when I start giving myself a guilt trip.  So this week I vow to stop,  breathe and remind myself I’m not perfect, there is no guilt needed and I’m surrounded by the people who love me and even if I fuck up, it’s doesn’t change their perception of me.  With that said, I need to continue saying, I’m a fucking seriously kick-ass chick!

But with hard work, there are no limits:  so basically, keep my head down, work my ass off, stop being so tough on myself, take a breath and everything I envision in my head, will truly be achieved.  But I need to keep a positive mindset and nothing will stop me.

So what’s next?  Who knows!  I’m supposed to be living in the present and not care about what happened or what is going to happen.  So what’s next? I’m gonna crush the hell out of this week, the coming month and the rest of the year.  Why do I know or believe this?  Cause I believe in myself, and I want nothing more than to show my son if you believe in yourself, it can be done, and give my mom – the queen everything she deserves for everything she did for me. I guess that’s a mom thing, right?

Does all this resonate with you?  Are you in a similar position?  Share your thoughts and comments.  It takes a tribe, and I feel inspired.  So let’s motivate each other!

Curious about me?  Check more out here:  Learn more about me here!

Our Client – Mall Babes

At She She Koi, it’s not just creating the daily graphic & written content, but we can create new logo’s for our clients as well. Like this one we created for our newest client (and online video game) @MallBabes
We look forward to servicing your needs:
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❤️L❤️O❤️V❤️E❤️ What I do!

I do what I do, caz I ❤️L❤️OV❤️E❤️ what I do. #Love your #career and it won’t seem like #work. This is so true for me! 🙏🏻so #thankful to the energy of the #universe for all my #blessings! A little #content share for my client 5 Wild Hairs & Threading Salon

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Obsessed with Sunnies!!


Check out these wicked sunnies I got on Amazon last week!  I’m obsessed!  Check out the video below and se the link below video to browse and shop.

As many of you know, I am absolutely obsessed with sunnies!  Always on the quest for big and glam, I found these babies on Amazon last week and had to share them with you!    I got these over the weekend and I was super impressed for $17.99, they are incredible sturdy glasses and came with a case, a cleaning cloth and a little bag to carry the case.  It’s pretty reasonable considering a lot of vendors will literally send at best the sunnies, and a cleaner for almost the same price.  So this is a bargain for sure!!

So not only are these gorgeous and make me look glam, they are perfect protection for my light brown eyes in the sun.  There are 3 other colors to choose from, clear, pink and charcoal.  All of which I am sure I’ll be adding to my collection soon!

To see these beauties for yourself, click on the below link which will take you right to Amazon.  More pictures and a glam shot of moi following the link!  🙂

Click here to browse shop these awesome sunnies!

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Content Portfolio Mash Up 9/21

Sharing a selection of the content created for our clients dated 9/21/17. We are very versatile in the graphic content we can create for our clients. From Graphic content for social posts, to logo’s for new companies and banner graphics we are confident in our ability to create enticing content to create emotion and engagement with your followers.Fit Revenge Weight Loss Motivation Weight loss Inspiration Before and after Weight Loss Weight Loss Challenge Weight Loss Tips Weight Loss PillsFit Revenge Testimonials PCOS Living With PCOS Weight loss with PCOS PCOS Support GroupsBliss Veils Etst Shop us on etsy Facebook Buy Wedding Veils onlineFor Modern Mystics Coach Tracy James New Moon in Virgo New Moonshe she koi Chere Goldberg Follow Us Follow us on Pinterest Pinterest Pinterest Users to Follow Pinterest Pins Pinterest Ion Pinterest LogoMobile Shop Stop Facebook Banner Samsung AccessoriesMobile-45 Wild Hairs Medium Length Styles Layered Hairstyles Long Hair Styles Curly Hairstyles Hair Color Hair Highlights Cute Hairstyles for Short HairDavian Clarke Family First Funding Home Mortgage Mortgage Note Mortgage Calculator Home Loans Loans Savings Refinance HomesWealthzoo Jeff Titak Personal Fiancial Advisor Financial Planning Financial Services Financial Advisor Cycle Financial Advisor Companies5 Wild Hairs and Threading Salon Eyebrows on Fleek What is the best shaped eyebrow for my face5 Wild Hairs Thousand Oaks CA Henna Tattoo Designs Henna Tattoo Patterns Mehndi Tattoo Designs Bridal Mehndi Designs best Mehndi Designs Mehndi Design Gallery1505416181420-FitRevengePatricaNealyfridayfittipsFridayFitTipsLoseweightdiethealthylifestyleloosecalorieshealthysnacks5 Wild Hairs Thousand Oaks CA is waxing better than shaving Where to get a waxing in Thousand OaksWealthzoo Jeff Titak I need a financial advisor in Chicago I need a virtual financial advisor How to get out of debt tips to get rid of debt