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Some more sharing of the graphic content She She Koi creates for our clients. If you are looking for a Social media Manager that not only creates, and schedules your content, but builds and engages with your followers, then check us:

5 wild hairs thousand oaks ca where to get my eyebrows threaded in thousand oaks ca where to get my eyebrows tinted in thousand oaks ca

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Plug and Brag – Tax and Homes

Tax and Homes million dollar nest egg New York Florida New Jersey

Tax and Homes is our client located in New Jersey that specializes in commercial loans, and the selling of commercial notes.  As part of their content it’s important for them to not just sell their services, but also genuinely share advice with their followers.  This is the beginning of an 11 week campaign sharing tips for a 1 Million Dollar retirement nest egg.  Too many people feel if they aren’t rich they can’t be millionaires and this is furthest from the truth.  Our goal here is to gain followers with this campaign through likes and shares as well as build engagement and click throughs.

Shameless Plug and Content Brag – 5 Wild Hairs & Threading Salon

💋 It’s that time of day to showcase some of our work and give a shout for our clients.

5 Wild Hairs & Threading Salon located in Thousand Oaks, CA not only specializes in eyebrow threading, hair styling, and waxing, but they include henna tattoo’s in their services too!  Friday’s are our day to give some love and focus on that specific service and today is no exception…..well except it’s Memorial Day weekend and what better time to pay homage to the brothers and sisters that dedicated their lives to our freedom, then getting some designs in their honor.

You know, our She She Koi logo would look pretty darn sweet all henna’d out.  Hmmmmmm.  If only we were just a bit closer to CA!  💕


Henna 5 Wild Hairs Thousand Oaks CAHenna Tattoo 5 Wild Hairs Thousand Oaks CA 1

Shameless Plug and Content Brag – Ed Lipsman Flashes of Fire

Time to plug another client and showcase our content work! 🙏🏻💕💋

Here’s the perfect booze + book pairing to get you through the long Memorial Day weekend: Watermelon Sangria meets Flashes of Fire by Ed Lipsman! 💻Buy now at 🍹 Drink This Weekend!  Call us after the weekend!

Watermelon Sangria Flashes of Fire Ed Lipsman

Content Created by She She Koi

5 Wild Hairs & Threading Salon our client who specializes in eyebrows threading, facials, waxing and henna tattoo.  These are examples of the content She She Koi has created to promote their facial services.

5 Wild Hairs Facials 15 Wild Hairs Facials 2

Ultimate Guide to Great Skin 2 5 Wild HairsUltimate Guide to Great Skin 5 Wild Hairs

Gift of Motivation


Content Created by She She Koi

5 Wild Hairs & Threading Salon located in Thousand Oaks California specializing in threading, waxing, hair styling, facials and henna tattoo. For this client we’ve broken down he advertising strategy to cover different services each day, and to give them a sense of luxury. This specific artwork, created by She She Koi is an example of our style for their waxing and Brazilian wax services.

5 Wild Hairs Body and Brazilian Wax5 Wild Hairs Body & Brazilian Wax 2Wax or Not to Wax 5 Wild Hairs

Content Created by She She Koi

This client is a self published author who just released his first book, Flashes of Fire in November 2016 and has it available for purchase on Amazon. This is a promo video that was created to use on his social networks and website. All content designed and created by She She Koi.