Good Vibes With an Openmind

💜💜💜Lately I’ve been personally struggling with a few things that have really taken such an emotional toll, I am literally frozen in a procrastinated state that  it’s disturbing.  (Note this is not good for one that has and occasionally deals with anxiety and ADD.)

Here’s why:  I have not only this business to grow, nurture and manage, I also have an opportunity to create a custom sneaker idea with literally no overhead that I need to bring to fruition.  In addition, I also have an elderly mom to care for  and an 8 year old boy to raise solely on my own.  This plate of life is full enough as it is and random anxiety, procrastination or a lack of focus are not great spices for this mix. It’s because I’m allowing a negative reaction, tone or energy consume me.

So I started reflecting on the past few days and realized that I was overly sensitive and more defensive then the usual me.  I realized that because of the personal stress I was allowing certain topics or behavior to trigger a rather negative me.  And you know what?  I really by nature, am not a negative being.  I realized my sensitivity was at such an obnoxious state that specific triggers brought out unnecessary anger.  Until when, in these past few days, some very good friends (with very very very kind, similar personalities) had to literally call me out to relax.  They know my stressors first hand, my same stressors also being theirs, but the difference is they know how to manage it to such a point, it’s literally inspiring to watch and learn how to manage life’s struggles from these two.  These are two people who can for the most part navigate around my sensitive emotions that the result is without flare ups or drama – from me.  So I started thinking what was my problem?  I’m kind, I’m generous, I’m patient,  I have a high tolerance for bullshit, I’m positive…o-p-e-n-m-i-n-d-e-d.

Wait a minute!  Am I open minded if I let the different behaviors of others – ones that I absolutely can’t stand – trigger me!  How is that o-p-e-n-m-i-n-d-e-d?  It’s not, and perhaps today I had my epiphany!  Thats the element that’s been holding me down from easily manifesting things I could before!  I, yes me, not even realizing it had been feeding myself negative vibes completely and unintentionally.  It’s had a huge effect on me and immediate things I wanted to manifest were not ready to happen because of my negative vibe.

Having an open mind means LISTENING to other perspectives WITHOUT getting triggered.  I REALIZED this today when I emotionally broke down because lately I feel like I’m failing the 5 most important people in my life.  A breakdown because I wasn’t being o-p-e-n-m-i-n-d-e-d to thoughts and feelings of others without feeling it was my responsibility.  When in fact, if I removed the negativity and opened my mind, I didn’t necessarily need to agree but I definitely could add value to my life by just listening and making adjustments.

So if I was getting triggered, I’m not as open minded as I claimed to be.  So I had to release the negativity and open my mind.  Guess what?  I felt such a weight lift off my shoulders realizing this, that it was an amazing feeling!  Starting at this point.  Literally this 👏🏻very 👏🏻point 👏🏻I realized I’m not as open minded as I claim that I am, and now is👏🏻the👏🏻time to 👏🏻make 👏🏻a 👏🏻few 👏🏻mindset adjustments.

So now I know and learned one of the HARDEST things to master on my personal growth journey is there is some sort of value in EVERYTHING… and I don’t have to agree with it ALL. That’s the problem, I try to validate 👏🏻and 👏🏻make 👏🏻myself 👏🏻try to agree with everyone’s opinion.  No wonders I felt bad and negative!

I reminded myself that one of the biggest keys to success that I’ve seen consistent amongst all successful people is that successful people find the value in EVERYTHING.

So when I listen to others complain about something or someone, and how they or it were a “complete waste of time”… Instead of letting it annoy me, I wonder how they came to that and what value or what can I learn from it?  How can I put this in their perspective? At the very least,there’s something valuable and new that I can learn from this and about myself.

Even if I don’t LOVE every thing someone has to say, experience I have, every book I read, and every single person I come across, I often find that there’s a piece of value I can STILL find to 👏🏻improve 👏🏻my 👏🏻life.

Starting today I promised myself if I get triggered, I just open up a prompt for myself to reflect about why I just got triggered and adjust my mindset.

If I had the thought of “I already know that” about information someone was telling me, I would immediately challenge myself and ask myself “oh really? So are you living it then?” “You can’t change your mindset and learn some value in this?”

If I came across an angry person or someone who mistreated me, I would find an opportunity to get CURIOUS and WONDER, why are they that way? What did they experience in their life to grow up and act in such a way? How can I help them in any way? How can I learn from what they are saying?

If I come across a negative person, I find an opportunity to just observe their thoughts and belief systems and see what NOT to do if I want to be successful in life.  But what if that negativity is directed at me?  How can I learn to not take everything as a personal hit, but something I can learn from or make more value in my life?

I will see absolutely nothing as a waste of time. Everything is an opportunity to learn something new— to pick up value from. There is value in every moment of your life, but if you shut it out you’ll just get the negative experience with no growth or powerful lesson behind it. Now THAT’s a waste of time – especially if you are putting a block towards those things you want to manifest.

So how can you start finding the value in your every day life to help you learn, grow, and broaden your perspective? Some things to think about ✌🏻😈

One of the most valuable to me?  This lil man right here! I am so lucky and blessed to be his mommy!  💙👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻💙

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In July of 2015, I made the decision to leave the corporate world and begin a new life in Belize, on an island where my husband works as a martial arts instructor, our son goes to an amazing pre-school where cultures are celebrated and I was given the opportunity to experience a work at home life all while looking at a beautiful ocean and white sandy beaches. I am a skilled project manager with excellent creative writing skills mixed with self taught social networking & graphic design skills mixed with an interest in e-commerce. I am a full time free-lancer and look forward to opportunities that allow me to share my creative talents and opportunities with you.

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