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Curry ‘n’ Pepper, our Vegan Dog Food client, holds a monthly pop up shop for it’s followers showcasing a new product each month. Scheduling of the promotion takes place within the same week, with teasers, information, and finally the pop up. This is an example of the work done for May 2017 pop up.

PAWPUP Teaser rev 2 5:22Pawp Up Teaser 2 5:22PAWPUP Day of 1PAWPUP Day of 2PAWPUP Day of 3



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In July of 2015, I made the decision to leave the corporate world and begin a new life in Belize, on an island where my husband works as a martial arts instructor, our son goes to an amazing pre-school where cultures are celebrated and I was given the opportunity to experience a work at home life all while looking at a beautiful ocean and white sandy beaches. I am a skilled project manager with excellent creative writing skills mixed with self taught social networking & graphic design skills mixed with an interest in e-commerce. I am a full time free-lancer and look forward to opportunities that allow me to share my creative talents and opportunities with you.

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