Shameless Plug and Content Brag – Ed Lipsman Flashes of Fire

Time to plug another client and showcase our content work! 🙏🏻💕💋

Here’s the perfect booze + book pairing to get you through the long Memorial Day weekend: Watermelon Sangria meets Flashes of Fire by Ed Lipsman! 💻Buy now at 🍹 Drink This Weekend!  Call us after the weekend!

Watermelon Sangria Flashes of Fire Ed Lipsman

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In July of 2015, I made the decision to leave the corporate world and begin a new life in Belize, on an island where my husband works as a martial arts instructor, our son goes to an amazing pre-school where cultures are celebrated and I was given the opportunity to experience a work at home life all while looking at a beautiful ocean and white sandy beaches. I am a skilled project manager with excellent creative writing skills mixed with self taught social networking & graphic design skills mixed with an interest in e-commerce. I am a full time free-lancer and look forward to opportunities that allow me to share my creative talents and opportunities with you.

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